Senior Services

Decluttering, downsizing, and packing through a lifetime of memories is done with care, compassion and commitment.

Explore the options that D~Cluttering Assistance, Inc. offers.

You choose the services that meet your transitional needs


Develop a moving plan

Provide a timeline

Develop a checklist of tasks

Discuss the moving of special items

Design a furniture floor plan of your new home


What to keep and move

What to gift

What to donate

What to sell and how to sell it

What to discard/shred


Coordinate with moving company

Oversee move at both the old and new home

Pack the items to be moved

Labeling boxes for easy unpacking


Supervising the move of all items being moved, gifted, donated and discarded

Unpacking and putting away at new home

Setting up the furniture

Connecting electronics

Decorating your new home

Other Services

Prepare and conduct sale of items not taken

Arrange for donation of items

Arrange for cleaning of old residence

Provide referrals of realtors

Estate dispersal

Pros of D~Cluttering Assistance packing

Less stress

Save time of family and friends

Provide moving supplies

Move refrigerated items

Great labeling

Reduce damage

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Other services

Estates, Downsizing & Moving

Are you the one responsible for wrapping up a loved ones estate? We can assist you or we can do all the work, whatever best meets your needs. Moving? We are also available to help pack and unpack.

Client Centered Services

D~Cluttering Assistance offers more than just helping with stuff. Our team offers client center services:

  • Guidance, encouragement, and patience

  • Hands-on assistance

  • Respect for your privacy

  • Safety focused

  • Written estimates

Custom Home Solutions

D~Cluttering Assistance provides solutions for those home projects that there is never enough time for, but would make life more enjoyabe.

We can help make it happen; organizing any room, basement, attic, garage or entire home. We also provide help in organizing your life: your homeschool planning, personal calendar, filing, finances, photos.

Professional offices

D~Cluttering Assistance provides a vital service to help achieve that clean desk look. Enabling you to concentrate on productive activities and improving efficiency through an organized work space. Available day or evening so as to cause as little distruption to your business as possible. Confidentiality Agreement and References available.